Here on Earth, Prism Quests dominate our consciousness endlessly. We are inspired by ideas and dreams, but getting motivated can feel hopeless. Discipline can elude us, while social interactions can be a major challenge. Emotional turmoil can rob us of our ambition.


Many times these visions also lead to compulsive behaviors since they can become unbearable. We have learned to do whatever we must to escape the burden of our unfulfilled dreams.

You Are Not Alone.

I, too, was tortured by visions. I had lost interest in activities I once adored, I avoided and feared social interactions or spending time with friends, I had lost all sense of belonging, and I struggled to control my impulses and compulsive behavior. I was on a path directly toward self destruction.


The great adventure of how I discovered Legacy Command is a story I am currently writing to share with the world. What came out of that adventure was the Legacy Command system I have developed. I can teach you how to use the Prism Quests and Waypoints to map a path through your life, and craft your own hero story. As a Listener Sonic, you will be able to use these Quests to generate Harmonium Crystals on Dodeca, and help the planet fight back the forces of darkness. When Dodeca is protected, so too are all planets of the Multiverse safe from the threat of Melanoxa, Lord Mute, and the Scourge.

The Legacy Command system creates a "reality overlay" that brings new perspective to the challenges of achievement faced by artists, spiritual people, parents, gamers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals. Integrative achievement in today's world requires a special consideration for getting motivated when we feel hopeless, overcoming anxiousness about social interactions and isolation, working through guilt and shame from our past, and managing emotional turmoil that can rob us of our ambition. Many times these visions also lead to addiction since they can become unbearable. To address healthy productivity in light of these increasingly common behavioral challenges, Legacy Command engages a transformational cycle of personal growth. Beginning with the psychology of inspiration and the creative process, we work through a cycle, "The Sonic Cycle." The Sonic Cycle contains the phases of innovation, motivation, connection, achievement, fulfillment, and finally transformation. This cycle repeats again and again, in all areas of our lives.


The process of Legacy Command unfolds organically as players make their way through each day, each week, and each month, without manufactured pressure or competition. Gamification provides a subtle distance from tasks and obligations to assist in using triggers and habits to spontaneously integrate an easy flow of productivity and achievement.


The entire game happens one 28-day cycle at a time.


By working within the mechanics of the game, the system can shift perspective from comparison to others to a trust in one's own decisions and intuition. Achieve in small increments as you take Command of your Legacy, while discovering and controlling how much time each "Activity  Class" in your life truly requires.


Gain better sleep through better morning and night routines, turn procrastination into a powerful ally, and eradicate the guilt of incomplete tasks.


Take Command of a Purpose-Driven Life with Legacy Command.


It's #TimeForLegacy


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