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As Sonics, we experience the challenges of our Visions. We see what others seem to miss. We feel deeper than others seem to feel. Rapid and radical personal growth can often lead us to the top of a mountain where we find only solitude. We have all heard the phrase, “It’s lonely at the top.” Though this phrase is often in reference to success in business or professional contexts, in my experience, the path of personal growth leads us to peaks that are just as lonely. However, as I will explore in this post, the summit of a Mt. Everest sized achievement is usually just the base camp of a Matterhorn. With its new peak in the clouds, shrouded and hidden, it can seem to mock us. We all cope with this type of discovery in different ways, but the process repeats throughout our lives. Furthermore, each goal and vision we maintain is either moving along this path or stuck on it.

Have you ever been so in love with the process of achieving a goal that you don’t want to complete it because then the process has to end? This is like an addiction to the Motivation you receive from the act of working on something meaningful. By itself, this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are making progress and checking in with your Self along the way, keep going! But if you start piling up more detours, roadblocks, and excuses than iterative steps forward, it might be time to step back and review the strategy for completion. If this is a longer project, and it simply becomes a slow process, it can begin to become more of a “lifestyle” than a project. Again, when this happens to me, I fully support it if the priority is high enough to be on my very short list of focus projects known as “Major Charges” in Legacy Command.

Serious commitments should absolutely change our behavior and our lifestyle. Achievement is identity based.

But I’m always aware that saying YES to one project means I’m saying NO to a lot of other ones. One of the first steps in conscious achievement is knowing exactly which projects you are saying NO to, and feeling good about it.

Another common trap in the Motivation phase is the romanticization of an idea. Becoming romantic about a new idea or project is exciting. We get that rush of dopamine associated with unbridled, childlike joy. Or, we imagine the glory and status the achievement will bring us. The psychological payoff to sharing compelling ideas is tempting. I encourage you to resist it. Developing a practice of simply deferring a decision on where to prioritize a new idea or project will become your most valuable defense in protecting the energy, attention, focus, and time in your days - not to mention possible Intellectual Property concerns. Have you ever been so in love with an idea that all you can do is talk about it? Yet, after some time passes, and very little has manifested into action, you become depressed. Even worse, you are embarrassed because you have shared your intention with so many people but haven’t done anything except get a little better at making excuses. Here, too, is an opportunity to adjust strategy where Legacy Command has helped me a great deal.

In Legacy Command, we store our ideas, visions, goals, tasks and projects as “Charges” in the Battery. Where else would a Charge be stored, right? From the Battery, we can move Charges to the Campaign Regulator to be managed in an order of priority that you have spent time strategizing about. Stop talking, and start doing. Stop forgetting, and start discerning. This is the magical internal transmutation that occurs when your psyche can finally relax. When you don’t have to remember to remember all that STUFF you keep forgetting that you care about - A LOT. If you really care about it, stop letting it waste your valuable attention real-estate so you can carve through higher priority items and clear the way for total commitment.

You are an unstoppable force. You can do ANYTHING, but you definitely can NOT do EVERYTHING!

The destiny of humans, I believe, is to become the absolute and eternal masters of time, space, and matter. Everything I have seen in physics, science, art, metaphysics, philosophy, past life regressions, and religion seems to suggest that we have been given a taste of these forces of nature to provide the hint that we are meant to master them. It is a bit of a cosmic joke. To simply have the consciousness to be self-aware to the point that I can even express myself on this electronic box of computer magic should be enough of a clue for us to deduce our ultimate destiny. Language, alone, is an absolute Miracle.

Whether you agree with my fanciful vision of our future or not, I hope you can recognize this “Sonic Cycle” repeating for all of us. Inspiration, Innovation, Motivation, Connection, Achievement, Fulfillment and Transformation will be some core categories of my writing here. If you are a subscriber to my blog already, thanks for hanging out. If not, I hope you will consider taking the ride. As Legacy Command enters playtesting and moves toward production, I will have a lot to share about the process. I anticipate many new lessons will be uncovered. Of course, through the process of bringing life to a game about achievement, I will make even deeper discoveries about The Sonic Cycle.

Stay Magic,


The Path of Courage is Lonely at the Top

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