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Last week I came across an ad on Facebook for “The Peak Work Performance Summit.” First, this is not an affiliate blog post. I am not getting paid for this. However, I am absolutely endorsing this program. Normally, as a matter of curiosity for my own industry, I click into these types of ads if they seem even remotely worth 30 seconds of my time. The majority of my exploration into someone’s “sales funnel” ends fairly quickly. Having run my own digital marketing agency, and having read or watched just about every self-help and psychology course or book I have got my hands on in the last 20 years, I have pretty much seen it all. But what I saw in Ron Friedman’s program was something insanely GREAT.

Ron Friedman, Ph.D. is an award-winning social psychologist who specializes in human motivation, and the author of a highly-acclaimed new book called The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace. He regularly delivers keynotes and trainings on the science of workplace excellence, and is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, and Psychology Today.

His credentials are impressive, but the collection of authors he has gathered together in The Peak Work Performance Summit is outrageously more impressive. Furthermore, he offers it for FREE as long as you watch the content for each day within 24 hours of it being released to you.

The tagline is:

“The World's Top Productivity Experts Reveal Their Strategies for Achieving Health, Happiness and Success”

The Summit’s “What You Will Learn” is absolutely packed tight with everything I tend to write about in this blog, not to mention everything I talk about in my day-to-day life - constantly.

Here is the list from the website:

  • How the most successful people start their day

  • How to design the perfect To-Do list

  • How visual thinking can help you flesh out your ideas

  • How to build exercise into your daily routine

  • How to say “No” diplomatically

  • How food affects your productivity

  • How to get more sleep

  • How to spark your creativity

  • How to grow your network without feeling salesy

  • How to stay energized all day long

Now, to be clear, I can say with stark confidence that what Ron promises to deliver in this list is absolutely what he will deliver. I began the summit on Saturday morning, August 18th. I am so confident in his ability to deliver because after having watched 6 or 7 of these sessions, I’ve realized that Ron is NOT playing softball with these titans of industry. He is asking hard-hitting questions, and practical questions. He is going for CONCRETE EXAMPLES, and he will back up the train if he doesn’t get a full answer. He is also excellent at summarizing. But I think my favorite part is that these are not quick little 15 minute, cursory PR friendly interviews. Most of the sessions I watched were creeping up on a full hour. To get an hour with David Allen? Or T. Harv Ecker? Charles Duhigg? I’m going to resist the temptation to gush about the entire list of people I’m a huge fanboy for on this list. Let’s just say this kind of time with people like this is PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE. I will lay out the full list for you here as copied from his website:

  1. David Allen - Getting the Right Things Done

  2. Susan Cain - An Introvert's Guide to Peak Performance

  3. Charles Duhigg - How to be Smarter, Faster and Better

  4. Dan Pink - Motivating Top Performance

  5. Gretchen Rubin - Changing Your Habits

  6. Adam Grant - Why Helping Others Drives Our Success

  7. Tom Rath - Best Practices for Eating, Moving, and Sleeping

  8. Angela Duckworth - The Power of Grit

  9. Marshall Goldsmith - How to Lead Like a CEO

  10. Shawn Achor - Staying Positive in a Stressful Workplace

  11. Greg McKeown - Determining What is Essential and Eliminating Everything Else

  12. Susan Peirce Thompson - Eating to Achieve Top Mental Performance

  13. Jay Papasan - The One Thing High Performers Do Differently

  14. Natalie Jill - How to Get Fit in 5 Minutes a Day

  15. Dan Martell - How to Think Like a Serial Entrepreneur

  16. Darren Hardy - Using Everyday Decisions to Transform Your Life

  17. Peter Bregman - Improving Your Performance in 18 Minutes a Day

  18. Michael Port - An Actor's Guide to Public Speaking

  19. Jeff Goins - Secrets of Wealthy Artists

  20. T. Harv Eker - Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

  21. Christine Carter - How to Be Happier at Work

  22. Todd Herman - What Top Performers Do Differently

  23. Todd Henry - How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice

  24. Michael Bungay Stanier - How to Coach Like a Leader

  25. Rory Vaden - How to Multiply Your Time

  26. Paula Rizzo - How to Write the Perfect To-Do List

  27. Michael Breus - Your Body's Best Time for Everything

  28. Caroline Webb - How to Have a Good Day

  29. Chester Elton - Secrets of High Performing Teams

  30. Lolly Daskal - A Leadership Expert's Guide to Greatness

  31. Dorie Clark - How to Network Like a Thought Leader

  32. Chris Ducker - How to Buy More Time

  33. Josh Turner - Building Authority With LinkedIn

  34. Michelle Gielan - Inspiring Positivity in Others

  35. Mike Vardy - How to Stop Time

  36. Ajit Nawalkha - Setting Better Goals

  37. Ari Whitten - The Energy Blueprint

  38. Jon Morrow - How to Overcome Any Setback

  39. Ocean Robbins - How to Eat Smarter

  40. Alex Mandossian - What Great Networkers Do Differently

  41. Danny Iny - Teach and Grow Rich

  42. Marisa Murgatroyd - How to Find Your Unique Voice

  43. Suzanne Evans - The Smartest Way to Grow a Business

  44. Mark Timm - How to Empower Your Family to Thrive

  45. April and Eric Perry - The Productivity Experts' Guide to Organizing Your Life

  46. Craig Ballantyne - Own the Day and Control Your Life

  47. Isaac Jones - How to Be Superhuman

  48. Thanh Pham - Powerful Tips for Boosting Your Efficiency

  49. Michael Hyatt - How to Have Your Best Year Ever

  50. Dan Ariely - A Behavioral Economist's Guide to Productivity

Many of these authors and books are on my shelves, and I bet at least a few are on yours. Frankly, I am completely blown away, and I’m extremely curious to know how Ron pulled this off. Either he called in a lifetime’s worth of favors, has some very powerful friends, or he is some kind of sorcerer. Ron Friedman is making a huge impact with this program, and I think it will go on to be something talked about for years to come.

While I can’t personally afford the $199 for full access right now, I am now planning on picking up Ron’s book just out of gratitude for this program. Part of the Peak Work Performance Summit deal is that you can get lifetime access to all the videos for $199 during your 3-day free period, which includes MP3s, workbooks, summaries, and more. After the 3-day period ends, the price jumps to $750. These prices are a fraction of a fraction of what this is worth. I would feel completely comfortable saying this is worth literally millions of dollars. If you were to sit down and watch all of these videos for your one-hundred-ninety-nine measly dollars, I can all but guarantee that it would result in a completely transformed existence for you. You would become a millionaire. I think ANYONE who watches this content will likely double and quadruple their income, not to mention happiness. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you do, or what you believe, this will have a huge impact. My plan is to try to get my boss to buy this for our department so I can get full access to it. If that doesn’t work, I’m budgeting to purchase it next month. Maybe I’ll split it with friends. I don’t know, but I’m going to do it. (Let me know if you want to split it, friend)

I have been thinking about what to write for this post all day after watching these videos. I was going to just post a summary, then I was going to post my notes, but I decided to just literally make this a straight-up Super Positive review with a full endorsement. If you are reading this, you are probably someone interested in breaking free from the clutches of creative blocks, and a world that sucks away your attention and time in giant gulps when you’re not looking. While we all wait for Legacy Command to be finished so you can turn your achievements into an epic game of deck-building battles using the Campaign Planner, I highly recommend this program in the meantime. Fall is the time to get a HUGE jump-start into the stratosphere of BEING and DOING whatever it is you want to BE and DO. Check out what Ron has put together.

Right - the - flip - NOW.

Stay Magical,


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