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Do you love playing games? Do you love playing games until you can exploit or “break” them? Do you use day planners? Do you feel like you NEED to be using a day planner? If you said YES to any of these questions, you may want to consider becoming a Legacy Command Playtester. As a Playtester, you will receive a FREE Legacy Command Planner Prototype in August. I know my September is Always busy, so I’m looking forward to using this thing as a solid start to the Fall months. I can only afford to print and ship out 10 Planners though (I’m still paying for LC with my own money), and there are 7 Playtester spots left, so join soon if you’re interested.

UPDATE on Legacy Command Development (typically just for Playtesters):

  1. 17 pages of the Planner are finished and ready to send out for printing with a self-publishing company. During the month of August, I will be sending the first Planner prototypes to Playtesters. Will be finishing a couple final pages this week.

  2. The mechanic of “Evasion” in this game has been a challenge, but it is now balanced with the rest of the attributes - Charge, Strength, Speed, and Accuracy.

  3. Artists were hired to develop a template for the cards - Status: Fail. Between three separate artists, nothing I received was anything I felt good enough to use - even as just a prototype. Solution: I made a template in Google Slides (like many other parts of this game).

  4. Once I enter the attribute values and update the details of the B&W prototype cards, I will be printing out both sets (96 cards, total) for local Playtesting. I will be using card sleeves to make this process less painful for everyone.

  5. I have developed a way to play this game SOLO. (Very Exciting)


In the image for this blog post are the cards for John Riddel (Human, Male, Assassin, Professional Class) and Jolicia (Elf, Female, Ranger, Professional Class). These are the most updated versions of these two characters attributes. I chose them because I recently had artwork commissioned for them, and I LOVE it. The art was done by a comic book artist in Palermo, Italy. He did a great job. If you are looking for custom illustration, he was fast and communicated clearly throughout the process. Here is a link to his Fiverr Page. I will not yet be sharing the artwork yet since there are still 88 Champion Ability cards that need to be commissioned. This will take a good deal of time (3 months maybe?), and I see no reason not to test the mechanics without artwork in the meantime.

While my card template is not necessarily the most beautiful work of graphic art in tabletop gaming, it will do the job for Playtesting. Over the last 2 years, I have played this game in my head thousands of times. I’m not exaggerating. And after I printed the first prototype last January (2017), I was only able to play the game once or twice before discovering some major issues with it. Being able to physically play the game is obviously valuable. I have since corrected those issues, and innovated an endless number of new mechanics to create what I think will be an exciting adventure that integrates a fantasy overlay for regular, daily life to gamify achievement.


Each Legacy Command Campaign Planner is designed to be used for only 28 days. Why 28 days? Long story, but the TLDR version is:

The Legacy Command Planner is about leveraging momentum for good habits and purpose-priority goals, while drastically improving the user’s relationship with TIME itself. Momentum is the key. Because Time, as a force, has a kind of “gravity” to it.

Even though 28 days may seem short, when used strategically and purposefully, it is a LOT of time. However, your progress as a Sonic is also tracked beyond the Campaign with Experience Points (XP) that is carried over to future Campaigns. So, you aren’t exactly “starting over” after the 28-day Campaign. And depending on how your Campaign goes, you will decide for yourself whether to jump right into another Campaign, or ride the momentum of your last one.

New Campaigns can start on any Sunday. It does not need to be the first of the month, or New Year’s Resolution Season, or your birthday, or any special Sunday. The current style of printed Planner book will be saddle-stitch, and will contain roughly 40 black/white pages. The Planner will be light and compact, and focused on creating achievement within reasonable, actionable, realistic time frames.

Have you heard of SMART goals? By default, the Planner takes care of the ART part of SMART goals for you: Actionable, Realistic, and Timebound. Due to the engineered Planner limits, these are built in directly. The Specific and Measurable parts also exist, but they are baked into some of the methodology for goal-setting in the game setup. Some goals don’t need to be Specific or Measurable, so that is why I only say “some.”

The balance is geared for spontaneous achievement using this Planner as a neutral, judgment free tool. How much or how little you achieve is up to you and how you decide to build your battle deck.

If all of this is interesting to you, and you would like to receive a FREE Legacy Command Planner in the next 3-4 weeks, visit the Playtester Signup Page. You may even receive prototype copies of the decks in September! At the very least, you will have a very unique day planner for the ALWAYS busy month of September.

Still curious about why the Planner is only 28 days? Or how Legacy Command uses a day planner to build a battle deck for a card game? Stay tuned next week for my in-depth explanation of the Planner.

Until then, Stay Magical,


Legacy Command - John Riddel and Jolicia
Legacy Command - John Riddel and Jolicia

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