Path of the Listener

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Work Directly with SOVRRN as Your Personal Coach

Planner Setup

Begin with a customized session to help you set up your Campaign Journal, including Campaign Map, Zone Map, and Waypoint Maps. Get a deep understanding for the "Gratitotems" and how to stay connected to the Sonic each day.



Sonic Building Strategy

The Dodeca World Map can guide players through the course of the year. Each Realm is split into 3 Provinces, each Province is 28 days. Each Province has a different Nemesis to defeat. Learn how to build your Sonic, and protect the Realms of Dodeca.


Oathkeeper House Strategy

Each Oathkeeper House requires a different approach. Physical activities don't usually require the same methods as Artistic activities. Strategies can take time to develop, but they are very necessary.


One Campaign at a Time

Campaigns last 28 days. Getting coached for this period allows for focused attention on the top priorities in your life. After a Campaign, you can take a break to integrate the transformation that has taken place, or you can start another Campaign right away. The choice is yours.


On the throne of Citadel Palace, deep inside Mt. Musaria, on the planet of Dodeca, The Grand Sonic receives a vision of a great hero rising from the villages of the world below. The hero’s face takes shape in his mind. The hero… is you.

What if everything you did in real life built an RPG character that reflected how you REALLY spend your time? Legacy Command uses epic adventure campaigns as “reality overlays” for teaching and reinforcing better time-management in your days. As you grow into your new powers of Chronomancy, you will discover greater creativity, clarity of purpose, deeper meaning, connection with nature, higher productivity, and more precise punctuality. Players often report entering a “spontaneous flow state” where the magic takes over and they simply empty their “To-Do List” without thought or effort, as if on some kind of auto-pilot. 


Become the legendary hero of your life with Legacy Command.


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